Film Production

Motion Pictures Production Services Group of Media One Global Entertainment provides end to end movie production services not only in India but also overseas through its established full-service office based in London.
Besides creating an extra-ordinary legacy in the exciting world of motion pictures, has a long and successful, proven track record of producing a wide range of slate of Indian and holly wood films, employing a business strategy that helps mitigating risks while maximizing productivity and capital.
The Company which has produced over 40 Tamil, Hindi, Hollywood films, has a robust in-house production team, based in India and overseas, that can offer the facility of producing 4 to 6 films annually. Given the pedigree and the experience the production team is capable of scaling up the number if needed.
The vision 2.0 of the future is not only to produce our own films but also to lend the services expertise to others, by providing turnkey end to end services including line production services in UK and other parts of the world besides India.